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Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords of 2008

Last year we had great feedback and success with a post that we did about marketing buzzwords. There is obviously great interest in the “buzzwords” that we use. So we thought that it was time to examine some of the top marketing buzzwords for 2008. Before we dive into our list for 2008, we need to look at exactly what makes a buzzword a buzzword? How do we define what a buzzword is?

Buzzword – a phrase or word that entices people to discuss a topic in repetition.

The thing about buzzwords are that buzzwords are typically intended to impress one’s audience with the pretense of knowledge. As a result many times there can be a negative association with buzzwords. While they are often ambiguous they are universal in nature. It’s interesting to note that buzzwords tend to be used by everyone from the CEO to the hot-shot up and coming newbie in the organization. From IT managers to sales and marketing personnel (especially marketing personnel), buzzwords are more than a “phrase of the week”. They are viral snippets that impress some while confusing others. Buzzwords can make you look incredibly brilliant or they can make you look like a court jester. The thing is we all use them and will continue to use them in the marketing arena.

With that here is a look at the top marketing buzzwords for 2008. As I stated last year, I am ok with some of these buzzwords, other were too “over-the-top” the first time that they were ever used. I’d be ok in more than 70% of these buzzwords just went away never to return, but alas the opposite may hold true. Yet there are some that while overused are still important to the marketer (think “engagement” or “branding”). Being that I am in the Search industry, you will see your share of online marketing and search buzzwords within the list as well.

For all of you who missed last year’s list, we’ll include it at the end of this post.

Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords of 2008
  1. User Intent
  2. Branding Integration
  3. Return or ROI
  4. Universal
  5. Integrated Marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Lead-Gen
  8. Blended Search
  9. Engagement
  10. Reputation Management
  11. Online Marketing
  12. Out-Sourcing
  13. Branding
  14. Integration
  15. Site Stickiness
  16. Online Marketing Budgets
  17. Online/Offline Integration
  18. Widgets
  19. Web 2.0
  20. Intent
  21. Social Networking
  22. Consumer Initiated
  23. Quality Score
  24. Personalization
  25. Behavioural Targeting
  26. Visibility
  27. Community
  28. Relevance
  29. Creative Control
  30. Brand Virus
  31. Intergration
  32. In-House
  33. Relevance
  34. Blended Search Optimization
  35. Next Generation SEO
  36. Local Search
  37. Facebook
  38. Long Tail
  39. Online Visibility
  40. B2B Strategy
  41. Content
  42. Funnel
  43. Transparency
  44. Consumer Initiated Marketing
  45. Analytics
  46. Universal Search Optimization
  47. Engagement Metrics
  48. Trend Analysis
  49. Blogging
  50. Total Solution
  51. Online Reputation
  52. Core Competency
  53. Video Optimization
  54. This is How We Roll
  55. Mobile
  56. Web Conferencing
  57. Conversion Paths
  58. Leveraging Relationships
  59. Customer Retention
  60. Globalization
  61. Agency Integration
  62. Relationship Marketing
  63. Buzzwords – yup the word itself made it on this year’s list.
  64. XING
  65. Open Social
  66. Search Marketing
  67. Grow our business
  68. Best Practices
  69. SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  70. Integration
  71. Connection
  72. Video
  73. Organic Marketing
  74. Online Competition
  75. Widget Marketing
  76. Global Thoughts
  77. Parity
  78. Discovery
  79. AJAX
  80. Syncing
  81. Collaboration
  82. User-centricity
  83. Web 3.0 (yes we’re starting to hear this unfortunately)
  84. Workflow
  85. Digital Integration
  86. Search Recession
  87. Webinar
  88. Paradigm Shifts
  89. Search Maturation
  90. Black-Hat
  91. Bounce Rates
  92. Alignment and Re-Alignment
  93. B2B SEM
  94. Online Advantage
  95. Site Re-Design
  96. Search Engine Optimization
  97. Online KPIs
  98. Core Competency
  99. Low-Hanging Fruit
  100. Exit Strategy

There you have it. The top 100 marketing buzzwords for 2008.

Retro Post: Top Marketing Buzzwords of 2008
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