Back in July of 2007, I wrote a post on the top Google blogs that were out there.  Looking back over a decade later it’s fun to see which of these blogs are still active.  Note these were originally in reverse order from 50 down to number one so our favourite Google blogs (at the time) are at the bottom of this list.

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We find the various Google blogs as tremendous sources of information. From updates on numerous Google products and information on Google culture to weird and wacky thoughts from Google folk, Google blogs are for the most part a good read. So it came to our attention that there were a number of Google blogs that we frequent… we just didn’t know how many.

Have you ever realized just how many Google blogs are out there? Ten, twenty maybe? Well no there are actually over 100 Google blogs by my last count. When we refer to Google blogs, these include actual blogs started by Google to communicate news and updates about their various products and services. In addition there are a number of blogs, 50 or so to be exact, by Google people (Googlers as they have become known as). We have reviewed over 120 Google-related blogs and came up with the Top 50 Google Blogs. We took the time to visit these 120+ blogs and have compiled a list of the Top 50 Google Blogs.

Note: While there are a number of unofficial Google related blogs, this list contains only blogs that have been released by Google itself or from current Google employees.

Here are the Top 50 Google Blogs as selected by SEO-Space.

  1. Gayle Laakman – thoughts from Gayle who works out of the Google office in Seattle/Kirkland.
  2. AdWords API blog – The official source of information about the AdWords API
  3. Dr. Razavi’s Good-to-Know-Info – practical and reliable responses to Health related FAQ’s from Googlers.
  4. Technical Revenue – Paul Tyma’s blog about engineering and entrepreneurial issues and rants about why he works for Google
  5. Kraneland – A representative sample of random noise from the brain of David Krane.
  6. Peter Fleischer: Privacy? Blog – Peter’s “ruminations” about privacy. Peter works for Google’s Global Privacy Counsel.
  7. Google Gears API Blog – recently released blog keeps you up to date on Google Gears.
  8. Google’s Online Security Blog – insight from Google on online security.
  9. Google Maps API Blog
  10. Inside Google Desktop Blog – news, information and updates on the Google Desktop service.
  11. Google Mac Blog – The official weblog about Google in the Apple Macintosh world.
  12. Pedram’s Stream of Consciousness – Pedram Keyani’s thoughts on just about anything.
  13. Persistent.Info – Mihai Parparita’s blog on technology related innovations
  14. Google Consumer Packaged Goods Blog – news and notes from Google’s Consumer Packaged Goods vertical. The goal for the blog is for Google to communicate with advertisers and agencies. Discussion about the ways in which CPG is tackling the changing world of online marketing and how Google works with advertisers to create the best experience for their customers.
  15. Google Checkout blog – news and information about Google’s Checkout service.
  16. Google Enterprise Blog – official blog for enterprise information, search and users.
  17. Google Data API Blog – Learn the latest about Google data APIs (“GData” for short) which provide a simple standard protocol for reading and writing data on the web.
  18. Google Mashup Editor Blog – Google Mashup Editor is an AJAX development framework and a set of tools that enable developers to quickly and easily create simple web applications and mashups with Google services like Google Maps and Google Base. Google Mashup Editor is a great tool for grabbing information from feeds and letting users see and manipulate it.
  19. Inside Google Booksearch Blog – Released in 2006, this blog keep us informed on Google Book Search product announcements, and also provides Google book search tips. They will also highlight books they found useful and enlightening at the blog.
  20. Google Gmail Blog – recently launched blog about everything that is GMail.
  21. AJAX Search API blog – Scope of this blog is to cover the growing collection of Google’s AJAX APIs. The blog contains the latest news, tips, and tutorials on using the Google AJAX APIs to enhance your website.
  22. Google Talkabout Blog – Blog about voice, IM and open communications with Google Talk.
  23. Google Base Blog – featuring the latest news, information and tips from the Google Base team.
  24. Google Testing blog – Blog shares Google experiences with the rest of the developer community, so that Google can learn about some of your smart solutions to the same sorts of problems.
  25. Google Web Toolkit blog – Released in 2006, this blog is used to publish official updates, GWT tips and tricks, and notify the GWT developer community of new releases.
  26. Google Public Policy Blog – Google’s views on government, policy and politics.
  27. Google Video Blog – news, information, updates and tips all about Google Video.
  28. Google Code Blog – great source for news, information and everything that is Google.
  29. Google Sketch Up Blog – news on Google Sketch up related products such as Google SketchUp 6 which is a 3D modeling software tool that’s easy to learn, simple to use, and lets you place your models in Google Earth. Remodeling a kitchen, landscaping your back yard or adding a deck to your home? Google SketchUp makes it faster, easier and a lot more fun.
  30. Google Lat Long Blog – news and notes from the Google Earth and Maps team.
  31. Google Reader Blog – news, updates and information about Google’s RSS feed reader service.
  32. Google Earth Blog – Frank Taylor provides news, features, tips and information on Google’s free geographical application.
  33. Google Docs and Spreadsheets Blog – you can expect to hear more about this blog in upcoming months as Google proceeds with the rollout of their Google Documents and Spreadsheet products/services.
  34. Blogs of Note – Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team.
  35. Google Health Advertising Blog – news and notes from Google’s Health advertising team.
  36. YouTube blog – blog all about YouTube started in July of 2005.
  37. Google Librarian Central Blog – source for Google tips, updates and news.
  38. Otaku – Thoughts on Java, programming languages and software development from Google software engineer Cedric Beust.
  39. Google Custom Search Blog – latest news, updates and tips from the Google custom search team.
  40. Buzz Blogger – everything about blogger, Google’s blogging service.
  41. blog – news and notes from Google’s philanthropic arm.
  42.  Google Research Blog – started in February 2006 to communicate what Google Research is like. Google researchers describe their projects and related interests.
  43. Inside AdSense – news, information on everything that is Google AdSense.
  44. Google Finance blog – new addition to the Google Blog Family sneaks into the top ten.
  45. Inside AdWords Blog – news, information on everything that is Google AdWords.
  46.  Google News Blog – the official blog from the team at Google News. Released in June 2007, dealing with issues regarding how Google News works, why they do things the way they do and, of course, what they can do better. Just about every member of the Google News team will be posting, so when you read about a new feature on Google News, you’ll be getting it from the person who built it
  47. Google Analytics blog – everything (well almost) that you want to know about Google Analytics can be found on this blog.
  48. Webmaster Central blog – source of news, information and updates on Google’s Webmaster Tools product.
  49. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO – from the Google Rock God himself. Great source for SEO related information from Google’s most popular engineer.
  50. Official Google blog – Launched in 2004, the official Google blog features insights by Googlers into Google products, Google technologies and the Google culture.

How many of these are still active over a decade later?

Retro Post: Google’s Top 50 Blogs

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