Digital Marketing Consultation Services

At Jody Nimetz Co. we offer a variety of digital marketing consultation services specific to Organic Search and Content Marketing.  We offer free quotes on project scopes as we like to customize our packages based on your needs.  We do not look to complicate things instead opting to offer a simply approach to educating your on the digital status of your website.  Based on our years of experience, we focus on the elements that we know will have a positive impact on your site’s performance.  As you know when it comes to SEO, there are a number of factors that come into play in terms of gaining visibility within organic search results.  Results can and do take time to achieve.  Your digital marketing efforts should not consist of a “one and done” approach.  To be successful you need an iterative approach and need to evolve as technology and the search engines evolve.

Through our consultation and audits, we try to educate you and your digital team on the best practices and efforts that are required to remain visible in Search and on a search results page.

Here is a look at some of the digital marketing services that are offered by Jody Nimetz Co.

  1. Website Assessment – this can consist of a Website Audit or series of audits based on the necessary assessment that you require for your web property.
  2. Semantic Keyword Research – identification of semantically relevant topics that your site should be optimized for.  This is not just keyword research, its looking at keyword and topically relevant search trends being used by your audience.  Findings from this research can be used in your optimization and content marketing efforts.
  3. Technical SEO Audit – this audit examines technical issues that may be preventing your website from performing as well as it should in the Search results.
  4. Organic Audit – this audit evaluates key on-page elements on your website to ensure that your website is optimized for SEO compliance.  Not to game the search engines, but to ensure that you have consistent messaging and coding throughout your website so that search engine crawlers can crawl, index and rank your content and more importantly so people looking for your products or services can find your website when they search online either via desktop or more likely via a mobile device.
  5. Content Audit – this audit can take various forms, but in essence it is a true audit of how your existing content is performing.  Are you spending a ton of resources on creating content that nobody is seeing or using?  Our Content Audit will answer these questions as well as identify potential content enhancement opportunities.
  6. Competitive Audit – the digital space is a hyper competitive one.  Having a solid understanding of what your competitors are doing online can be extremely useful in driving your digital strategy.  You do not want to be in “reactive mode” trying to play catch up so conducting regular competitive research is a great way to benchmark and gain an understanding of how well (or not) your online competition is performing.  Quite often your online competition may not even be who you would consider as a traditional competitor.
  7. Organic Management – this is simply recurring consultation that can consist of anything from on-page optimization recommendations to conducting site health checks to providing answers to emerging site issues.  We provide a block of hours to help address issues that you may have with your website.
  8. Reporting / Analytics – in this day and age it is easy to get data paralysis.  That is why we try to simplify your reporting requirements.  We try not to get too technical and we look at various data trends to see why issues may be happening and look to put a long term solution in place… not just a quick fix.  Your business is too important to have a band-aid solution.  You should be in it for the long haul.  We provide data that focuses on what is happening with your website.  Which pages are performing?  What are some of the technical errors that are preventing your site from optimal performance?  We will set up a simple Organic Dashboard so that you can understand the impact of cause and effect.
  9. Copywriting / Content Strategies – We’ve worked on some of the largest brands in the world.  They have a presence on the first page of Google for their most important content.  Whether you need assistance with your content calendar or simply need help with content curation we can help with that too.  We can help you establish a long-term content strategy that you and your team can nurture, grow and prosper with.

For additional information about our services please click through to our more detailed landing page for each topic.  To get a free quote on a website assessment, or specific Audit contact us via social media or email.

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