Jody Nimetz has been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest brands in the World.  He has worked with and helped trained marketing teams from small startups to large Enterprise organizations.  Being Canadian he is not one to toot his own horn that often, but others whom has has worked with and worked for like what he has done.

Here is a small sample of what people are saying about the SEO and Digital Marketing work that he has done.

Jody came highly recommended and he did not disappoint.  The amount of detail in his analysis were amazing.  We have never had the opportunity to work with with someone with Jody’s expertise.  – Peter L.

He’s particularly talented with high level SEO strategy, content development, and ‘seeing the big picture’, especially for large and/or complex clients. – Charlotte B.

Jody is the best SEO in Canada and one of the top digital marketers in North America period.  – Sonali E.

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Jody for almost a decade, where I’ve seen him successfully help our Fortune 500 clients adapt to the new world of modern marketing. He not only has a deep understanding of core business and marketing disciplines, but Jody has the unique ability to help companies prioritize and navigate the complexities that a digital landscape can present. Jody also pioneered our organic search practice and guided our approach to content development, reputation management, E-commerce and website re-design consulting. His work enabled us to grow our business and continue to deliver strong results for our clients. – Chris P.

On some of the Website and Content Audits that Jody has worked on:

Jody thank you for this.  Your audits were amazing!  We definitely have to find a way to work more together.  Excellent stuff. – Dave H.

Jody awesome stuff!  Your audits were very thorough and detailed.  A ton of great stuff to go through. – Joe B.