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Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords of 2007.

Do you ever get sick of hearing new buzzwords and the propaganda that goes along with them? While some terms are of interest, quite often “buzzwords” become over used and well frankly over used. Depending on the industry you are in, the number of buzz words that you hear in a day can vary from a couple to many. I happen to work in the marketing industry, specifically the online (search engine) marketing industry. Do you know how many buzzwords I hear and read about everyday? Am I the only one tired of hearing about the “blogosphere”, “Panama” or about “thinking outside of the box”? (Actually I like that one). Remember that a buzzword is a trendy word or phrase that is used more to impress than explain.

What got me started on this little tirade was a post I read on The post was about “Buzzwords Gone Bad”. In the piece, there is reference to a survey that determined the most annoying terms and phrases heard in the workplace. In the survey, executives were asked, “What is the most annoying or overused phrase or buzzword in the workplace today?” The responses from the execs were interesting and included phrases such as:
· “Solution”
· “Synergy”
· “Paradigm”
· “Take it offline”
· “Redeployed people”
· “On the runway”
· “Win-win”
· “Value-added”
· “Get on the same page”
· “Customer centric”
· “Generation X”
· “Accountability management”
· “Core competency”

There are some interesting phrases that executives are apparently “sick of hearing”. While I do agree with some of the phrases, others I’m ok with. I began thinking about all of the buzzwords that I hear on a regular basis and as a result, I have come up with the Top 100 Marketing Buzz Phrases of 2007. Some are of interest and others should just fade away into obscurity like a bad Tom Cruise movie.

  1. ROI
  2. lead-gen
  3. relationship marketing
  4. customer centric
  5. consumer initiated marketing
  6. KPI
  7. behavioural targeting
  8. social networking
  9. reputation management
  10. consumer generated media
  11. user generated content
  12. link baiting
  13. key performance indicators
  14. branding
  15. brand identity
  16. conversion identification
  17. online marketing budgets
  18. lifetime value
  19. SEM budgets
  20. metrics
  21. low-hanging fruit
  22. engagement metrics
  23. demand creation
  24. relevancy scoring
  25. Web 2.0
  26. solution
  27. top of mind awareness
  28. mobile search
  29. feed management
  30. relationship building
  31. longtail
  32. customer controlled marketing
  33. customer centricity
  34. core competency
  35. semantic mapping
  36. widget marketing
  37. paradigm shifts
  38. unique online competitive advantage
  39. trend analysis
  40. social bookmarking
  41. quality score
  42. alignment
  43. bounce rates
  44. BHAG
  45. paradigm
  46. thinking outside the box
  47. accountability management
  48. online kpi
  49. viral marketing
  50. win-win
  51. integrated marketing
  52. lifelong value
  53. blog marketing
  54. content syndication
  55. page stickiness
  56. guerilla marketing
  57. online marketing
  58. LinkedIn
  59. out-sourcing
  60. online video marketing
  61. online video promotion
  62. direct marketing
  63. debriefing
  64. link building
  65. value proposition
  66. B2B SEM
  67. B2B SEO
  68. redeployed people
  69. false negatives
  70. value-added
  71. email marketing
  72. SEM
  73. braindump
  74. consumer oriented marketing
  75. targeting
  76. blog optimization
  77. widgets
  78. multi-level marketing
  79. web analytics
  80. scalable
  81. search engine marketing
  82. SEO
  83. marketing metrics
  84. conjoint analysis
  85. conversion paths
  86. Market segmentation
  87. look and feel
  88. synergy
  89. search engine optimization
  90. enterprise marketing
  91. ad hoc
  92. take it offline
  93. at the end of the day
  94. search marketing
  95. B2B marketing
  96. calls to action
  97. incremental
  98. get on the same page
  99. generation X
  100. on the runway

There you have it. If you are involved in marketing and in business, you probably heard a lot of these phrases in the past few years.

Retro Post: Top Marketing Buzzwords of 2007
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