Welcome to jodynimetz.com.  This is the home for Jody Nimetz Co.

Jody Nimetz Co. is a digital marketing consultation firm that operates out of West Kelowna, BC, Canada.

I am the Owner and Chief Consultant at Jody Nimetz Co. where we specialize in:

Digital Marketing Consultation.  Specializing in Website Audits, Content Strategies, SEO Copywriting and Search Strategy.  Assistance in SEO process documentation, best practice documentation and training material.  Providing analytics insight to drive your organic search strategy.

About Me

Jody started working in digital marketing back in 2002.  I started my career with Enquiro Search Solutions as an Organic Search Strategist.  From there I quickly became the Sr. Organic Strategist and eventually Director of Organic Search.  I was responsible for developing organic search strategies to assistance clients in gaining a more prominent presence in the natural search results of the search engines (known as the organic results).  I mentored teams, delivered strategy and worked closely with our research team as we looked to gain a better understanding of how people use Search to find the information that they are looking for.  (We’ve done some pretty cool eye tracking research that we have shared with the industry over the years…)

In 2010, Enquiro was acquired by Yellow Pages Canada and was one of the companies that morphed into what is now Mediative.  While at Mediative I managed SEO teams in Montreal, Toronto, Kelowna and Vancouver.  My focus was on Enterprise level clients which allowed me to work on some of the most popular brands in North America and the World.

I have created SEO Playbooks, established SEO Service offerings including defining deliverables and services around:

  • Website Assessments
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategies
  • Competitive Intelligence specific to Organic Search
  • SEO for Website Redesigns
  • Website Migrations

I’ve established various Organic Search documentation including best practices, how to’s and Writing for Search Guidelines.

I’ve educated clients from American Red Cross, Grainger, Toys R Us and Cigna on SEO and Content Marketing.  I have worked on sites consisting of 10 pages to web properties with over 25 million pages.  I am well versed in Google’s algorithms and have never had a client’s site get penalized or devalued in Google as a result of my recommendations.

I’ve contributed articles and commentary for notable Search forums including Search Engine Guide, Web Pro News, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal just to name a few.