Technical Site Audit / Website Assessment

Jody Nimetz Co. provides Technical SEO Audits and website assessments for small, medium and Enterprise level businesses.  Wondering how well (or not) that your site is performing in Google and search engines?  I have been conducting site audits since 2002.  I have performed Audits on some of the largest brands in the world and have helped shaped their digital marketing strategies based on findings from their SEO Audits.

Why Does My Site Need a Technical Audit?

Depending on the age of your website, and on how well your site is performing in organic search, you should be conducting a technical audit of your site every twelve the eighteen months.  The reason for this is to ensure both technical and SEO compliance.  Failure to follow Google’s Guidelines can mean that your brand loses visibility in the organic search results, resulting in decreases in your website traffic.  A decline in traffic can lead to a decline in conversions and as a result a decline in revenue.  Nobody wants that, especially knowing how competitive the Search Results can be.  It can be difficult to regain your position within the organic search results of Google and other search engines.

Conducting a technical website audit can identify issues with your site that may be preventing your website from having the visibility it should in Search.

Benefits of a Technical Site Audit / Website Assessment

There are a number of benefits of conducting a technical audit on your website.  The main benefit is to ensure technical compliance so that your website can be crawled, indexed and ranked by Search Engines.  The Search Engines continue to update their algorithms and as a result you want to ensure that your website is following technical and SEO best practices.  Some of the key benefits of conducting a Technical Audit include:

  • Identification of crawl and indexation issues
  • Identification of technical issues
  • Identification of coding issues
  • Gain a better understanding of overall website health and performance

What Will I Receive as Part of a Technical Website Analysis?

Typically a Technical Audit is combined with an Organic Site Audit as part of a full website assessment.

Core parts of the Technical Audit that we will review:

  • Coding Elements including fundamental coding issues (JS, CSS), page speed (performance), server side issues, canonical issues, and other issues that may be negatively impacting your site’s performance.
  • Site Architecture and Content Organization to ensure that your audience can navigate to key areas of your website and that your site’s content is organized and accessible in a logical manner.
  • Crawl & Indexation issues including proper optimization of XML sitemaps and robots.txt to ensure that your website content can be effectively crawled and indexed by search engines.

A Technical Audit provided by Jody Nimetz Co. will normally consist of a series of observations and recommendations based on a review of the following elements.

  1. Review of Robots.txt
  2. Review of XML Sitemaps
  3. Review of the Site Architecture / Hierarchy
  4. Review of URL Practices and URL Inventory
  5. Review of Canonical Issues
  6. Review of Duplicate Content issues that may be causing indexation issues
  7. Site Health Check.
  8. Review of common coding issues.
  9. Review of Page Performance / Page Load Times.
  10. Review of Site Errors

Pricing for Technical Audits is per website and is based in part on the size of your website.  Supporting documents are provided.  Recommendations from the Technical Audit will help form the foundation of your SEO Roadmap that will outline and more importantly prioritize action items required to ensure that your website is gaining the maximum visibility in organic search results.

If you feel that your need a Technical Website Audit, please contact us for a free quote.