Welcome our glossary of SEO and Digital Marketing terms. This list is for terms beginning with letters T through V.

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Acronym for Top Level Domain

Unique Visitor

When looking at your web analytics, the number of different people that visit your site in a given period represent unique visitors.


Unique Online Competitive Advantage. The online component that makes you stand out over your online competition.


Acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. A unique Internet address (for example http://www.pandecta.com) that every Internet resource must have in order to be found. Example: http://www.yoursite.com.

URL Re-Write

The process of editing or changing your URL usually in an attempt to be more relevant to the page content.  There is software or other tools that can be used to perform a rewrite of your existing URLs.  Reasons for a URL rewrite include:

  • going through a site redesign and need to update the URLs
  • using a Content Management System (CMS) that does not produce clean, or Search-friendly URLs.
  • URLs may be buried several levels deep and are not reflective of the update page hierarchy for your site

URL Re-Writer

A piece of software that changes the apperance of a URL so that it is more search engine and user friendly. Usually used to improve long dynmaically generated URLs.


The number of times people or search engine spiders visit a site – not just the actual number of people visiting a site.

Voice Search

The ability to use a speak or voice using a device to find information by speaking into that device.  Learn more with our ABC’s of Voice Search.