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SEO & Digital Marketing Glossary: D-F


Distributor to Distributor


Dynamic Hypertext Markup LanguageDirectoryA website that lists other websites based on category. A type of search engine where listings are gathered through human efforts or editors.


Also known as ODP or Open Directory Project – one of the oldest and most comprehensive human-reviewed directories on the web.

Doorway Page

A web page created strictly in hope of ranking well for a term in a search engine’s non-paid listings and which itself does not deliver much information to those viewing it. Visitors will often only see some action request on the doorway page leading them to other pages (i.e. “Click Here To Enter). Many search engines have guidelines against employing the use of doorway pages. Also referred to as bridge pages or gateway pages.


Directory Results Page

Duplicate Content

The act of having content that is the same on two different pages. Search engines may penalize a site for having too much duplicate content. Duplicate content is considered spamming by Search Engines and therefore should be avoided.

Dynamic Content

Web site content generated automatically, usually from a database and based on user actions / selections. Dynamic content typically changes at regular intervals.

Dynamic IP Address

A random IP address that is assigned each time a computer connects to the network.

Earnings Per Click (EPC)

External Link

A link that points back to your site that is from another web site other than your own.

External Link Inventory

The number of links that point to your website from other sites.


Frequently Asked Questions – page(s) on a website that answer repeated questions that have been asked by site visitors or consumers.


A popular free, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and volunteers. As of September 2006, estimates suggest that Firefox’s usage share is around 12% of overall browser usage.


File Transfer Protocol – a method for uploading or downloading files; file transfer from computer to computer across the World Wide Web.