Welcome our glossary of SEO and Digital Marketing terms. This list is for terms beginning with letters J through L.

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Javascript (JS .jsp)

A script language (system of programming codes) that was created by Netscape. Javascript can be embedded into the HTML of a web page to add functionality.

Keyword Analysis (KWA)

The process of determining which keywords are best suited for users to find your site. There are various tools that can be used as part of a keyword analysis.

Keyword Density

The number of times a keyword appears in a given area. For example keyword density of a web page is an indicator of how many times a keyword appears on that page.

Keyword Stuffing

Excessive repetition of keywords in an attempt to artificially inflate keyword density and improve a page’s ranking. The practice of keyword stuffing is easily detected by search engines. Pages that use this technique are often penalized by the engines.

K.I.S.S. Theory

Keep It Simple, Stupid. Generally considered one of the golden rules of web design, SEO and online business.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Metrics used to monitor progress towards a goal. Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand, that reflect the critical success factors of an organization. An example of a website KPI could be something as simple as the number of page views a specific page receives.

Landing Page

The specific destination web page that a visitor ultimately reaches after clicking a search engine listing.


The process of navigating from a section of page content to another section of page content or to an entirely separate web page. There are various forms of links such including text based links and image links.

Link Baiting

The process of creating something that naturally attracts backlinks for your web page by getting people to talk about it, discussing it on forums, blogging about it, posting it on sites such as del.icio.us/Furl/Digg/Shoutwire and linking to it from their sites.

Link Popularity

A raw count of how “popular” a page is based on the number of backlinks it has.

Link Text

See “Anchor Text”