Looking to optimize your website content?  From an organic search perspective, here are twenty one items to review as part of your content optimization checklist.  Let’s play 21 questions with your content marketing optimization.

  1. Is the URL clean, and feature semantically relevant keywords that describes the page?
  2. Are clean breadcrumbs (with markup) present?
  3. Is there a clean HTML Sitemap for the key parts of the website?
  4. Are there semantically relevant keywords/business name in the title tags?
  5. Are there semantically relevant keywords/business name in the H1 tag?
  6. Does the homepage URL have multiple iterations?
  7. Are there duplicate content issues with the site?
  8. Are the category pages well organized?
  9. Is there links to relevant sections of the website (product deals, events, etc.)?
  10. Does the site make use of rich markup such as schema.org micro data to support relevant page elements?
  11. Is there detailed content and text to support the page topic?
  12. Does the content include semantically relevant keywords?
  13. Is the content unique on Product description pages?
  14. Is there important content residing on sub-domains?
  15. Is the content on your pages over-optimized?
  16. Is there a call to action present on key pages?
  17. Are images being incorporated throughout the content?
  18. Is there testimonials placed throughout your content?
  19. Is there business reviews?
  20. Is there links to review sites for your brand? (yelp, yp, etc.)
  21. Do key pages include a mechanism for sharing content?

Perhaps not all of these items will apply but nonetheless there are a number of questions your should be asking your copywriters as they prepare your content.  Page optimization is still important, but even more important is building relevant themes for your main topics and ensuring that your content is answering questions that your audience may have about your brand, your products, your services or just general industry related questions.

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21 Item Checklist to Review for Content Optimization
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