Welcome to Jody Nimetz.com.  This is the home for Jody Nimetz Co. which offers consultation on digital marketing specifically with regards to Organic Search and Content Marketing.  For those that know me, you know that I have always disliked the term SEO.  My background is in marketing and I have been specializing in Organic Search since 2003.  SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is only a portion of what my digital experience consists of.  I have always felt that the core component of my digital marketing experience was around content and content marketing.  It was never about trying to manipulate Google or other search engines.  While I am well versed in search engine algorithms, it has always been about trying to make my client’s content connect with their target audience.

So while I have optimized literally tens of thousands of titles, descriptions, heading tags etc, the focus has always been on the messaging and on trying to improve user engagement on my client’s websites.  As a result I have been successful in being able to drive qualified traffic to my client’s sites over the years.  In essence that I guess at the heart of what SEO is… it is the ability to drive qualified traffic in the form of natural or organic search.  Organic search is basically having visibility in the natural search results (that is search engine results that you do not have to pay for to be present in).  Dating back to my days at Enquiro, we performed some ground breaking research about Search and how people use Search.  Our findings suggested that most people tend to click on organic results.  Some much so that depending on the search query as much as 80% of clicks happen on organic results.  Yet business and marketers (and Google) focus on paying for listing through avenues such as Google Ad Words.  Our research had shown that people often recognized a paid ad but often ignored it in favor of a more trusted organic (or natural) search result.  Believe it or not many marketers have a hard time understanding that people do not want to be forced or served up with ads or promotions all of the time.  As marketers we should not insult consumers as such.

When it comes to Search, people simply trust organic results more.  The thing is that Google makes money when people click on ads on their search results pages.  So you will probably have noticed the ever changing dynamic on Google’s Search Results Pages.  Google has experimented with placement of ads, local results, knowledge base facts etc all in hopes of increasing Google Ad Words revenue and on attempting to deliver the most relevant results in the most efficient manner possible.  After all Google is just trying to help organize the World’s information aren’t they?

I have been fortunate to work on some of the largest brands and websites in the world ranging from American Red Cross and Cigna to Toys R Us and Yellow Pages Canada.  I have helped my clients receive millions of visits from simple content optimization.  Well maybe not so simple as it takes a lot of work to gain visibility in the prime real estate of Google and other search engines.  You’ll hear me reference Google as they still have the most market share in the North American market ranging from 65-69% of market share.

So thanks for checking out JodyNimetz.com.  I will be updating this site dramatically as time permits.  In addition I will be looking to write a weekly column around Website Audits and Content Marketing.  If you are interested in contributing please reach out to us via twitter.  Or if you simply need a Website Assessment you can reach out to us on Twitter or via our Contact Us information.

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Welcome to Jody Nimetz.com

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